Everglades Rewards

Everglades Rewards is our way of saying thank you for making our Club your Club!

The more you use your membership card, the more Everglades Rewards Points you can earn to gain access to extra benefits and rewards!

Each time you visit the Club simply present your membership card when making purchases to earn points to gain access to extra benefits and rewards. Everglades Rewards is exclusive to Everglades Country Club members.

Best of all, entry to the program is FREE with your Club membership!

Ensure the Club has your up to date email address and mobile number, so you receive your monthly Point Statement showing your tier, tier points & bonus points to spend in dollar value. This also ensures you don’t miss out on receiving your reward notifications. To update your details, contact Reception or email us at rewards@evergladescc.com.au

You are placed in a tier, based on the number of Everglades Rewards tiering points earned in a 6 month period. If you are new to the Club, you are automatically placed in the Silver tier. A review will occur on the first of each month. If you are eligible to move up a tier, you will be promoted on the first of the month. Each April & October a review will also take place of members who have not earned enough tiering points to stay in their current tier. If you have not, you will then be moved into a new tier.

Make sure to insert, swipe or present your membership card on every purchase you make at the Club so you don’t miss out on earning points!

For more information about Everglades Rewards loyalty program and the rewards and benefits you can access, come in and grab a brochure, or speak to our friendly staff.