Our Course

Hole 1

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A gentle opener. Longer hitters may wish to position the ball for a full wedge into the small green. A large eucalypt guards the right side approach whilst two bunkers will grab anything hit left of centre.

Men 4 312m 17/31
Women 4 308m 11

Hole 2

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The drive needs to fade slightly to avoid a lateral hazard on the left.

          The second shot to this par 5 can be taken on if you’re long enough, but watch out for the two large mounds and large bunkers on left of fairway and the trees and rough on the right.

Sometimes prudent to lay up for an easy (?) third, to a large slightly sloping green, angled away from you with a steep drop off at the rear of the green into a water hazard, if you’re a little too aggressive. Due to the size of the green three putts are routine.

Men 5 463m 6/24
Women 5 443m 3

Hole 3

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A narrow opening with water and trees guarding the left side requiring an accurate tee shot to a narrow fairway. The second shot is a short to mid iron to a long undulating green guarded by 2 deep bunkers to the right. Good touch is required if this green is missed.

Men 4 308m 10/26
Women 4 293m 7

Hole 4

Short but sneaky. A full water carry requiring a mid to short iron with a bunker guarding the back and the green falling away sharply either side. The back left pin position requires taking the longest carry but avoid overshooting this green as the chip shot back has the water in your full view. Looks simple but is a tricky par 3.

Men 3 112m 12/35
Women 3 105m 17

Hole 5

A definite two shotter with the tee shot over water to a slightly raised fairway. The second shot is to a green below the golfer protected by two bunkers on the left, then trees and a lateral hazard on the right. A water hazard some 40m short of the green catches more second shots than it should.

Men 4 345m 2/20
Women 4 318m 1

Hole 6

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A well struck middle to short iron should find the subtle undulating green, but be careful of the two bunkers left and front, and severe fallaway right rear. Interesting putts can be anticipated.

Men 3 155m 13/33
Women 3 148m 13

Hole 7

A short par 4 with an undulating fairway, mounds and trees left and right, out of bounds the entire right hand side of the hole. Water hazard 190m from the tee. A small green sloping left to right sits across the fairway and precision shotmaking is required to get to a hole cut behind the two bunkers left front.
Another bunker right rear and severe fallaway and trees awaits any shot hit too far. Long hitters might consider going for the green but need to carefully assess risk/return as wayward tee shots can be severely punished.

Men 4 284m 15/28
Women 4 280m 5

Hole 8

A small green with two bunkers in front and bunkers either side dictate the shot. You might consider going for the green but need to carefully assess risk/return as wayward tee shots can be severely punished.

Men 3 164m 8/30
Women 3 155m 15

Hole 9

Drivable but make sure it is straight. Out of bounds on the right and water left, await any shot slightly off centre and can turn three into five or four into six quite easily. Another small sloping green with bunkers left and right front requires precision shot making to record a score. Short but subtle.

Men 4 301m 4/22
Women 4 298m 9

Hole 10

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A critical driving hole, this fairway crowns and many shots find their way into the trees either side of the fairway. A large sloping green with bunkers either side awaits. The tee shot is all important.

Men 4 337m 7/25
Women 4 332m 8

Hole 11

After successfully driving from a chute of trees, if you avoid the trees and water on the right, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with this hole. Longer hitters might get on or around the small flat green with their second. Although the longest hole on the course, birdies on this hole are not rare.

Men 5 507m 3/21
Women 5 465m 2

Hole 12

A large green awaits but bunkers front, left and right will readily accept offline shots. Don’t be long or a difficult chip back up a severe fallaway awaits. Not too many pars are made from behind the green.

Men 3 142m 18/36
Women 3 128m 16

Hole 13

Despite out of bounds all the way along the right, a definite birdie chance. A large green can provide some interesting putts but proper club selection should be rewarded with a good result.

Men 5 436m 14/27
Women 5 431m 4

Hole 14

Straight par 4 from a tee slightly below a fairway. The main difficulty here for the club golfer is distance. A large green with many subtle undulations awaits the 2nd shot. There are no green side hazards apart from severe fallaway on both sides and at the rear. Knock it close of the threat of three or more putts is very real.

Men 4 414m 1/19
Women 5 411m 10

Hole 15

A brutal par 3 into a southerly wind, this hole never plays easy. A small two tier green with bunkers left and right front, and fallaway really demands well struck shots if a three is to be made here.

Men 3 194m 5/29
Women 4 194m 18

Hole 16

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A substantial green protected by two bunkers in front will welcome a well struck shot and setup a potential birdie. Although large, the green is flat and holds little fear for good putters.

Men 3 157m 16/34
Women 3 141m 14

Hole 17

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A small green with subtle slope and bunkers left and right demands a shot on the green or just short. Miss left, right or long and you will have to work hard to get up and down.

Men 3 170m 11/32
Women 3 163m 12

Hole 18

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Out of bounds awaits a slice and in the landing zone the fairway slopes towards the boundary. A short second to a small sloping green with three bunkers should set up a par but be careful of downhill or side hill putts. This slope is more severe than it seems.

Men 4 322m 9/23
Women 4 320m 6